Molly Cake

I have the honour of helping bring a little sweet into someone’s day through the kindness of Molly Cakes, my favourite local bakery. I am thrilled to announce the winner for Today is Leigh.

Here is what her friend who nominated wrote about her…

“Leigh is a single mom of a 10 year old, and works so hard to make ends meet. She gets little to no support, financially, from her child’s dad. She is a great [at her profession], and is awesome at her job. She gives it her all in everything that she does, especially when it comes to her child. At work, she is always going above and beyond what she needs to do and has helped me so much since I came back to that job full time. She hardly ever treats herself, because she wants her child to have whatever she can give him. Her mom also has been recently diagnosed with cancer, and is terminal. Despite all of this, she tries to stay in good spirits while at work, and never has a pity party for herself. She is a very, very strong woman. She just has so much crap going on in her life right now, that I feel she definitely deserves something to lift her spirits, even if it is something as simple as some delicious treats from Molly Cake. It’s the small things in life that sometimes help to lift a person’s spirits, and that’s why I feel Leigh should win.”
– Christine McLaughlin

Author: Sarah Logue

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